Our comprehensive equipment is our pride

Our most important resource is our experienced rock engineering and concrete construction staff. But our reliable and functional equipment is nearly as important. Professional use and regular maintenance procedures keep our equipment in appropriate condition. The diverse and modern equipment allows the effective and quick completion of both large and small projects.

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Discover our equipment


  • Atlas Copco XAS-175
  • Atlas Copco XAS-186
  • Atlas Copco XAS-350


  • Sandvik Commando 3100


  • Cura 2500
  • Cura 1000


  • Meyco GM 90
  • Meyco Piccola
  • Normet Spraymec 9140 WPC
  • Normet Spraymec 8100 VC
  • Normet Spraymec 605 WPC

Concrete injection

  • 4 x injection vehicles
  • Atlas Copco XAS-430
  • Atlas Copco Pumpac
  • 3 x Atlas Copco Logac