We are steady rock and concrete construction professionals

Expertise is created from experience. Over the years we have completed reinforcements, repairs, bolting and tension work of both large and small structures in a reliable and certain manner. We make rock structures and concrete structures solid and robust – that’s something we know how to do.

Our customers are professional builders, housing cooperatives, municipalities and cities, and private builders.

Our services are injection, shotcrete, chemical injection, bolting and netting.


Injection is used to reinforce and seal structures to make them durable by pumping a solidifying substance inside the soil, concrete or rock structure. Our competent staff and diverse equipment allow injections at even the most unique of locations.

Soil injection and rock injections are our expertise.

  • Rock injection
  • Soil injection
  • Ground stabilisation
  • Drill anchor injection
  • Filling empty spaces of structures
  • Injection of welding seams

Chemical injection

Chemical injection refers to the pumping of e.g. epoxy or urethane in to the structure. Our helpful staff will assist you in choosing the right injection substance for your site.

We carry out injections reliably and carefully.

  • Injection of concrete cracks
  • Filling of rock cracks
  • Sealing of concrete and rock water leaks
  • Filling of floors, columns and walls


The method of dry shotcrete refers to spraying a concrete mixture in to the structure with compressed air. You do not need to know what type of concrete you need – our experts will determine the most durable mixture that meets your needs.

Our staff has solid experience in concrete construction, stabilisation and reinforcement.

  • Tunnel reinforcement
  • Rock premises reinforcement
  • Plinth reinforcement, column reinforcement and concrete wall reinforcement
  • Embankments


Bolting requires understanding of the entire process of mining work and the rock’s properties. The aim of the work phase is to prevent boulders and stones from coming loose in the mined premises. We carry out bolting at all stages of mining – prior to mining, during it and after mining.

Our duty is to make your site permanent and strong by bolting.

  • Rock bolting
  • Foundation bolting
  • Reinforcement bolting of old structures
  • Drill anchors

Rock netting

We net rock walls and, in this way, prevent loose stones and boulders from falling e.g. on vehicles or pedestrians.

Rock netting is mainly carried out in tunnels and open cuts. Occupational safety netting is also part of our services.

  • Loose stone netting
  • Rock netting